• Food City Company is considered as one of the most prominent, latest, and the leader of national industrial companies which is specialized in manufacturing white sugar.
  • It is located at food zone, industrial city of Hessia, Homs highway well-known as M5 road, Syria.
  • it expands over 100 thousand square meters.
  • It was established in 2018, and started production in mid-2021.

Vision & Mission

to contribute to the reconstruction process of Syria, to achieve food security of white sugar being a basic consumable product by establishing the first national project.

To reach to high level of customer satisfaction by implementing the highest quality standards and optimal

Team & Strength

Our highly-skilled, well-trained and competent workforce holds the highest education certificates.

To provide raw sugar in the local market and conduct the manufacturing, production and distribution process efficiently.


Food City Company is the actual founder of the first raw sugar refinery in the region, with a production capacity of up to /1.2/ million ton annually.

Tools & Distribution

Food City Factory is considered the latest factory in the world due to having advanced tools, equipment and systems manufactured by companies like German BMA company.

The main priority to our sales team is to serve all customers in both public and private sectors in Syria.

Quality Management

Food City labs are equipped with the latest accurate and advanced laboratory tools , and equipment, which are periodically adjusted to achieve the highest levels of accuracy of production process, in addition to Food City seeking annually to obtain ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27000-series for product safety and quality.


Headquarter: Damascus - Mazzeh – Eastern Villas- Al-Razi Project

Factory: Industrial City of hessia - Homs highway – Food Zone

Phone: +963-31-536 1600/1/2/3
Fax: +963-31-536 1604
Email: info@foodcity.co